Custom Wood Audio Rack

We build custom wood audio racks for pros, fans, and everybody in between. Take a look at our specialty products below. We know everyone’s studio or setup is different, so if these aren’t the exact racks you’re looking for, we will work with you to build out a custom design based on your specifications. Our craftsmen know how to create some of the finest furniture you’ll see in any studio. We work with a variety of construction materials so that your rack can match up with the rest of your gear. Your custom wood audio rack will come preassembled and ready to complete the look of your creative space.

Specializing in you

It doesn’t matter if your walls are covered in platinum records or hero posters—we’ve done it all and we can outfit any space to create musical magic. Music is our first love and we want to help you make more of it.

If you have a custom project, we’d love to help. Hit the button below and let’s build something amazing.

Don't See What You're Looking For?

Our custom shop can make anything you need. No joke. If you’re not seeing the perfect fit, we can build it. Click the button below. Let’s talk. We’ll take care of you, promise—fan to fan.